The screw was designed with special mixed material and high plastic so that it flux plastic,color and luster equality,highly output.

Clothes rach Model DIE was designed special double throttle,it adjusts thickness of sheet exactly.

Temperature control ±1℃.it can exactitude control the course of plastic and thickness and unknit of sheet.

Moulding unit adopt horizontal and vertical,it provide more choice in the operate course of thick sheet,sheet metal by fluctutuation at liberty and increase quality of sheet.

Adjusting thickness of sheet by screw and oil pressure pressing wheel double direction so as to achieve thickness exactly.

Pressing double loop cooling system,concert die temperature controller exactly control pressing wheel temperature so as to achieve unknit and thickness equally.

Cutting machine:length and quantity of sheet achieve nicety.

Furing setting:it adopts senior torsion motor and four axis automatic tension,and adjust speet and furling tension at will for furling sheet metal unit.

Dividing strip unit set width of the products.

The machine is fitting automatic counter and setting weight of product at will.

Main Technical Parameter:

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