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Functions and Construction:

       At present,the sewege and drainage systems in China still use the cement pipes.However,due to its unstable chemical property and loose connection,it has become the principle cause for environment pollution.On the other hand,the cast iron pipes can't be used any more for the disadvantages,such as the inconvenient construction and expensive cost.In recent years, the plastic pipes become successful substitute to the cement pipe.Especially the newly developed spiral large diameter plastic pipes have been drawn great attention and have become the substitute products for cement pipes and cast iron pipes.All these shows that the spiral large diameter plastic pipes have a great market potentiality.

      "Be advanced in technology and fine in design".The machine adopts the high efficiency single spiral extrude technology.The predominant spiral pole is derive from German technology.It can guarantee the high speed and quality extrude.It adopts complicated machine head,double combated machine to provide material and spiral writhe.The con-situation is nice and the design is special.It can guarantee the high quality of the products.The machine is controlled by advanced PLC computer system,easy operation and steadiness.Connection for special pipes.

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